Take Inventory On Your Friends & Family


My circle of friends has changed. My circle of supporters has changed. Their were some individuals I had to cut off and love from a distance (distant- lovers), their was some individuals who walked out of my life (walkers), and their some individuals I had to let go of emotionally (let go’s ). I didn’t want to relinquish any of these people but, it was necessary.

Each person in those categories are very special to me. I was sad to place hold on the relationships of the “Distant Lovers,” I wanted to keep these people close to me so, I can help them. I wanted to help nurture and build these people up. I wanted to keep pushing these people into their purpose in life however, the help I was giving them was draining me. I had to realize that God had to work on these people before, I can attempt to help them. Therefore,  I had to step back and allow God to work on these individuals. God reassured me that he he will take care of these people (because they are his  children)  and the relationships will be resorted  on his timing.

The walkers were a special group of people to me. They were no burden to me. We did not not have any diversions nor any conflict. In fact, I didn’t want to let go of these people. One day these people Just stopped communicating with me. I reached out to them countless of times however, I just ended up getting my feelings hurt. However, the Lord confirmed in my spirit that, “ It was a good thing that the “Walkers” walked out of your life; because you wouldn’t let them go. Besides their part in your journey has ended. This will hurt but stay strong I’m with you. If you would have taken the “walkers” into your future They would have walked all over you and out of your life during the season of  Greater.”  After this prayer I was satisfied.

The last group of people I had to let  go was the “Let go’s, ” these were the individuals I had to let go of emotional. I still had  see these individuals however, I had to emotionally detach myself  away from these people. I wasn’t sure where I stood in the lives of these individuals. Their motives weren’t clear. There wasn’t a strong rapport built between myself and these people . I basically  let them go.

Now that I took inventory of my friends and family I sense that God has surrounded me  with  a group of  people who will help me go to the next level in my life.

I encourage you to take inventory on the people who are around you. Ask God to reveal people to you.


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