God Are You Really Married To The Backslider? If So.


God for the last few months I’ve released myself out of your will. I did what I want to do when I wanted to do it. I lived my life how I felt like living it. I hung around the friends that I wanted to hang around. There were moments when I was highly emotional and I acted out of character. I said things that could have destroyed the essence of a person. I even hurt some individuals who tried to love and help me. God most importantly I had forsaken you. I was intentionally living in vain. I was selfish for my own needs. I totally forgot  that you were my God and, the head of my life. Lord, I forgot my place in my life. I lost sight of what’s important.

God I realized that my life was going in a complete circle. There were not breakthroughs nor new levels. I was still repeating the same test. Now, Lord I’m tired. I want to come back to you. I want get back on track with you. I want you to take back the control in my life. I realized that I can’t survive in this world without you. I can’t effectively do anything without you.

Lord, I’m going to repent for all of the things I’ve done wrong. I’m going to become a better servant and I’m going to stay in your will. Lord, I know that I will face some consequences however, please have mercy on my soul.

Don’t be afraid to openly admit to God that you are wrong. Don’t be afraid to ask God to help you with your issues. He has the power to help you. God sees all of your good and bad behavior and he still love you.


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